J.G Stock


The 20/20 Vision.

“Not Crossing the Alps”, Oil on Board 2020

..when a tiny menace can bring down the mighty

Throughout history we’ve been conditioned to fear threats to our way of life; fascists, communists, terrorists and now a new virus.

No matter how strong we are or how important our plans are, we suddenly find ourselves at the mercy of these monumental changes.

The mask, once considered suspect; the uniform of the stick up artist as a means to conceal identity, now transformed to mandatory accessory to interact; a constant reminder that we are held hostage to fear of an invisible threat, that lurks less than 1.5 meters away

No one is immune in the face of such uncertainty and widespread mistrust.

We’re not crossing the Alps today. Or perhaps tomorrow.

We adapt, adjust and reshape our lives to the changes. And seek out the silver linings that each new path has to offer.

“See you down at Bar Josephine!”

Watercolours Card Series

Another ISO Project, 2020

Art Illustration Project

SBS Documentary, 2019 “Trading Cultures”

Trailer to Documentary Watch on SBS : https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/1768962115929